Committed to providing the highest quality auto detailing our technicians are detail oriented. All our work is done to above industry standards , ensuring your car looks as if it had just come off the showroom floor.

Basic Exterior Detail- Hand-wash and dry. Clay bar and single step machine polish.* Hand application of 100% carnuba wax for protection. Clean tires and rims to remove built up brake dust. Tires dressed with high quality dressing (non-greasy, non-fling). Clean exterior glass. Door jambs cleaned. Note: Excessively dirty vehicles (mud, tar, sap, bugs, etc) may be extra. * single step machine polish will reduce some hairline scratches, reduce fine glaze, and increase gloss. For deeper scratches and like new paint see our paint correction services.

Sedans/Coupes        Small SUVs        Large SUVs/Pick ups

$115.00                       $125.00               $135.00

Add acrylic sealant to any exterior detail package additional. Gives a deeper shine and better protection than wax alone.

Sedans/Coupes        Small SUVs        Large SUVs/Pick ups

 $25.00                        $45.00                 $60.00

Interior Detail- Vacuum all rugs, mats, and cup holders/storage areas. Shampoo carpets, mats, and seats if cloth. Clean all plastic and/or leather. Dress all plastics and /or leather. Clean all glass and door jambs. Note: Excessively dirty vehicles (trash, pet hair, dirt, etc) may be extra.

Sedans/Coupes        Small SUVs        Large SUVs/Pick ups

$115.00        $125.00        $135.00

Total package- Combines both basic exterior and interior details. Note: Excessively dirty vehicles may be extra.

Sedans/Coupes        Small SUVs        Large SUVs/Pick ups

        $200.00        $210.00        $220.00

In addition to all of the detailing packages listed above, we highly recommend the addition of one of our Protective Coatings application! Also if you are looking for like new paint, we suggest seeing our Paint Correction Services  section.

Have a special request? We can handle anything that you can throw at us! Wet sanding, touch up paint, vinyl stripping. Call for details with what we can do to WOW your ride!

Wow Factor Auto Detailing