Ceramic Pro- Ceramic Pro is a permanent paint protection coating is an "Above 9H" rated coating with superior Chemical Resistance, Super-Hydrophobic Effect, UV Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Temperature Resistance and Corrosion Resistance.  Nano Technology allows this product to create a protective layer on the paint. It creates a super hydrophobic effect and repels water like no other. This product is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty against common scratches due to car washing, wiping and small bushes. Also discoloration from berries, acid rain and bird droppings.

Exterior Protection- Applied to paint, plastics, glass, and wheels.  Note: Depending on the condition of the vehicle, paint correction may have to be performed and is not reflected in the price listed below.

                    Sedans/Coupes         Small SUVs    Large SUVs/Pick ups

2 Year             $299.00                     $350.00                   $400.00

5 year             $499.00                      $550.00                  $600.00

Lifetime         $999.00                     $1199.00                $1399.00

Clear Bra Protection- Front bumper, mirrors, lower 1/3 hood

$299.00 all vehicles

Interior Protection- Interiors are coated to protect against spills and discoloration due to clothing dye transfer, and dirt.

Sedans/coupes         Small SUVs    Large SUVs/Pick ups

       $149.00                  $199.00                  $249.00

Have a special request? We can handle anything that you can throw at us! Wet sanding, touch up paint, vinyl stripping. Call for details with what we can do to WOW your ride!

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